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Saugeen Valley
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Saugeen River Valley - Route 150km

The Saugeen Route is a beautiful inland route with complementing loops through woodland and fields.  Begining in Walkerton, there are snowmobile-friendly accommodations at either the Lighthouse Motel or the Walkerton Inn. When you're ready to hit the snow, head south on the local trail system to Mildmay towards Teeswater. 

From Teeswater, follow the B108 trail north to the junction near Paisley, and then follow the local trail system heading east into town where there is a great place for a light lunch at Back Eddie’s. Leaving Paisley, continue on to Chesley going east to Scone and then south to Hanover.  From there, take the local trail system southwest, turning north to head back into Walkerton.

The Saugeen River Valley route (150km) is a great inland route beginning and ending in Walkerton and visiting the towns of Paisley and Teeswater.