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Winter Camping
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Winter Camping

Yurt Camping - Unique, Comfortable, and Fun!

Winter Camping is no longer just for extreme winter enthusiasts - now everyone can try it out! A unique winter experience exists at MacGregor Point Provincial Park, where comfort meets adventure with Yurt camping! A yurt is a semi-permanent structure, almost a cross between a tent and a cabin. They are insulated, heated, and even have bunk beds. A nearby comfort station provides hot showers and running water. Some of the newer Yurts even have a wood stove to warm up near after a full day of exploring the ski trails and outdoor skating at the Park.

If you'd rather try the real thing, head up to Bruce Peninsula National Park, the perfect place to escape our busy lifestyle. Located along the eastern side of the peninsula, the Niagara Escarpment is the backbone of the park, and is the heart of this World Biosphere Reserve. Thousand-year-old cedar trees cling to the rugged cliffs, and the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay are the perfect backdrop to this incredible ecosystem.